What is Micro-top, Polished Concrete?

Colour samples of Micro-top Polished Concrete
Polished concrete sample being bent to show its flexibility

 What is Micro-topping or Polished Concrete?


Micro-top has a variety of guises and is often called Polished Concrete or Micro-Cement.


Micro-topping is a polymer modified cement based water resistant coating designed to be used in multiple thin coat applications both internally and externally.


The finishes are Artisan and unique in both colour and texture therefore no two surfaces will look the same.

Although grey is a firm favourite polished concrete can be pigmented to almost any colour required. Finishes can be textured or smooth to suit the clients needs. This allows walls and floors to have continuity in design and be seamless in appearance.


Interior Concrete Surfaces


Special effects with Micro-top polished concrete are created with trowel mottling techniques, coloured cements and chemical staining. 

The Micro-top coating material mimics polished concrete and is laid to a thickness of just 3-4mm, about the thickness of a credit card. It has extraordinary adhesion properties and therefore, with the correct surface preparation, will bond to almost all solid substrates.


It is produced with hybrid EVA co-polymers that give flexibility and accept deflection from the existing substrates. This allows Micro-topping to be used on plywood or over existing tiles to create a new look without the need to hack off and replace old tiling.


Polished concrete has flexible properties which makes design possibilities endless. Feature Walls, Floors, Bar-Tops,Table Tops, Planters, Kitchens and Bathrooms.


For unique smooth surface projects, requiring up to 5mm thickness, Micro-topping is an excellent choice and gives superior bond and flexibility characteristics to the your surface.


Vivid colour selections, saw cuts, patterns and stenciled logos designs are all part of a wide variety of application techniques. The finish itself can be troweled to an ultra smooth finish or textured.

When finished all Micro-topping surfaces are sealed with high grade sealers for enhancement and lasting protection.

water droplet on polished plaster

Exterior Concrete Surfaces


Exterior projects can include all the decorative techniques referenced above as well as simple restoration of old damaged concrete.

CreteCraft can also design and build garden projects including decking panels, tables and seating.



Decorative and Protective


Micro-topping surfaces are impervious to frost and salt corrosion. Its high abrasion resistance and flexible properties make it the perfect product for concrete renovation or to finish the surfaces of new build constructions.


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